If you are considering getting a puppy, please read the article “About Puppy Mills” before you buy from your local pet stores.
It is our hope that you will ONLY buy from a reputable breeder. It is wise to visit the breeder’s home. Observe the dogs’
temperaments, activity level, and the environment in which they live. Reputable breeders only breed good examples of the breed;
they usually want to keep one of the puppies for themselves, to be able to compete in different events, such as conformation, agility,
obedience, rally, etc.
They test their stock for preventable genetic diseases, and would only place their puppies with approved homes.
Please, take into account that puppies are not for everyone. House training a puppy takes a lot of commitment, demands time,
consistency and patience. You might want to consider adopting an adult instead. Take the time to think over if this breed is right for
you. Please, read my article
“Why you Should NOT Own An ECS”  All dogs used in our breeding program are AKC and /or FCI
registered, health tested, have excellent temperaments, and soundness.  
We do not breed often and only breed what we consider the best examples of the breed.
We breed mainly for ourselves, not for profit. We breed our English Cockers in accordance to the
AKC Breed Standard and the
FCI Standard

We socialize, play with, and start training our puppies their basic commands, with positive reinforcement techniques at a very early
age in the loving environment of our home.

All puppies leaving to their new homes will be no younger than 8 weeks of age, they will be de wormed, will have their first vaccines,
and their microchip. They will have their tails docked and dewclaws removed. They will come with a puppy packet and a sample of
their food. I will be happy to groom them for free for the first time and offer advice on ECS education and grooming.
Here is a video I made, that will give you some idea of how we care for, evaluate, train and play with our puppies:

If you would like to be in our waiting list, please fill out our
Puppy Questionnaire and email us at:  

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We are members of the ECSCA,
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